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A beautifully designed piece of Birch that is 15 and a half inches wide by 15 and a half inches long. Your Lapboard is unique in its grain and markings; no two are alike. Durable, with a gorgeous protective finish, properly cared for, your Lapboard will last generations.

You will also receive a personal promotional card along with an informative hang tag attached to the Board.

To make it easy and natural for you to sample your Board right away, we’ve included, a beautifully engraved pen and three Greeting Cards* with envelopes so you can send a nice message to someone special in your life.

* On the front of each greeting card is a beautiful aerial picture of Muskoka captured by ‘Joan The Drone’.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to reach for your personal Signature Lapboard whether it is beside your favorite easy chair, couch, or even bedside.

Write a love note, sign a greeting card, work with your laptop, read a book, enjoy a meal, or play a game on it.

We are all working from home more than ever today. Your Signature Lapboard is designed for comfort. Your laptop computer cord won’t be a frustration, and importantly, heat transfer from your laptop will not negatively impact your legs anymore. We’ve also found that you’ll naturally improve your postural position and ergonomics.

When you receive your Signature Lapboard, write to us, send a picture or video, demonstrating where you keep your Lapboard and how you’re enjoying your new home accessory.

Thank You.
John A. Wright


8 reviews for Signature Lapboard

  1. Dr Chris Oswald

    I use my signature lap board for reading, writing, laptop and eating ! Having a level surface to any and all lap work is essential and saves hours of frustration! Dr. Chris Oswald

  2. Gary O’Neill

    Timely new product. I spend 3-4 hours a day with my laptop on my uneven lap working from home. The Signature Lapboard provides a flat, comfortable surface to work – simple and genius !

  3. Chris Zavitz

    “Thought I’d take a few moments to share my thoughts on the Signature Lapboard I received as a gift. What a handy item already!! I keep it beside my chair and I use it to place my tablet on or book…. I even used it for my lunch the other day. It looks great , is easy to store and has a myriad of uses (I’m still discovering). Special thanks to my daughter for this considerate gift.”

  4. Terry O’Reilly

    I have to say my Signature Lapboard has become a very handy item during this lockdown. Working from home, on the couch, with my laptop, has become much more manageable. Everything stays flat and balanced. No heat transfer. Which means it’s probably safer for my lap, if you catch my drift. Love it.

  5. Joan Cartwright (verified owner)

    Our Signature Lapboards were personally delivered yesterday. They are beautifully presented with a pen and Muskoka greeting cards.
    My husband and I are very pleased with our purchase. They are perfect for watching movies on our iPads, reading and writing and so easy to store conveniently beside the couch. They are very well made and the built in handle makes them simple to move from place to place. They will be very handy outside in the summer as well.
    A great purchase!!

  6. Tascha Wroe (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely amazing. I am now able to comfortably work from anywhere in my home. Whether I am working on my computer, writing notes etc.. this has truly been a life saver I highly recommend this product.

  7. Wendy Smith

    Everyone in my family loves our Signature Lapboard! Kids use it to write letters to grandma and I use it while working and watching TV. WIN WIN! Great addition to our house! Highly recommend!

  8. Michael Parkinson

    A superior product in every respect…quality design and materials – a beautiful combination of simplicity and high utility. The Signature Lapboard carries my highest recommendation.

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